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Drum Young

January 2020

The Drum Young group was formed several years ago to provide a progression opportunity for youngsters introduced to percussion through the First Access programme in schools.

Children from both the primary and secondary sectors meet each week at our popular Music Ensemble centres to build on skills acquired in school.

Ages range from 8 to 15 with a steady stream of new recruits coming through each year as senior players move on.

Led by Mr Derek Bird, assisted by local musician, Manjil Bajracharya, this very successful and highly popular group offers a fantastic learning and socially interactive environment for children to enjoy music and the benefits it brings to all.

As a group they have performed at many local events and have the honour of being the opening act each year for very high profile guests booked for the South Tyneside Summer Festival, including Little Mix, Pixie Lott, Reggie & Bollie to name a few.

They will be performing at the SAGE as part of the Music for Youth Festival; they feel very privileged to represent South Tyneside as part of the G&STMEH and excited to be taking part once again.

Samba Batacuda

This usually refers to the rhythms played at the Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras and simply means a gathering of percussionists and can also be called 'Samba de Carnival'. The rhythms being performed are very authentic and close to the patterns taught in Rio samba schools. The repiniques introduce this piece with a traditional call and response opening break, common in many samba pieces. Batucada is an energetic fast tempo piece and represents a celebration of life in all its forms.

Samba Reggae

Derives from the northeast of Brazil and has roots in reggae music from Jamaica. It has a slow strong pulse that features snares/caixas prominently, accenting upbeats in a similar way to the chop of a reggae guitar. This also features the 'clave break'. A popular 5 beat figure well known in Cuban music which all other instruments follow.

Samba Max

Named Samba Max (maximum) because of its fast tempo, this piece is written and arranged by our very own Derek Bird.  It heavily features fast 16th patterns on caixa and snares playing both the 'skin' and 'rim' of the drum creating an interesting samba style pattern broken up with traditional samba 'breaks' and features two of our senior drummers in solo sections. 

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