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Bus passes for disabled adults: Re-applying for your bus pass


  1. What is a disabled person's bus pass?
  2. Eligibility
  3. What evidence you'll need if you're eligible
  4. Applying for your bus pass
  5. What happens at an appointment?
  6. What happens next?
  7. Re-applying for your bus pass

Re-applying for your bus pass

Your disabled person's bus pass will last 5 years if you:

  • have mobility issues
  • are blind/partially sighted
  • are profoundly deaf with or without speech
  • have a learning disability
  • do not have arms or have a long term loss of the use of both arms

Your disabled person's bus pass will last 1 year if you:

  • have had a driving licence refused or revoked on medical grounds (physical fitness or severe mental disorder)

You need renew your pass through Nexus before your current pass runs out.

If you have had your driving licence refused or revoked on medical grounds, you also need to get your GP to fill out a GP renewal form (from Nexus) or show a letter provided by your GP stating that you would not be able to hold a driving licence for the next 12 months.

An All Day Concessionary Travel Pass will also last 1 year. If you are reapplying and are still working or in education for 15 hours or more a week, you must also submit another letter (dated within the last 3 months) from your employer or education body.

Please renew your pass before your current one expires. If you wait until your pass expires, you will have to repeat the process of applying to get a new Confirmation of Eligibility form.

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