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Parking restriction consultations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) parking update

Car parks open

Coastal car parks, and car parks within Council parks are now open.

Please use the cashless PayByPhone method of payment wherever possible to pay for parking.

More about car parks opening.

Parking charges and permits

Parking charges and permits are in place (as of Monday 18 May).

The Council can introduce parking restrictions to improve safety, accessibility, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Parking restrictions are common around our schools to improve road safety for pupils, reduce congestion and improve access for residents.

Parking restrictions are provided in accordance with Department for Transport guidelines. They include:

  • School entrance restrictions
  • No waiting restrictions
  • Disabled bays
  • Loading bays
  • Resident permit parking
  • Limited waiting bays
  • Bus stops / bus lanes
  • Off street car parks

Have your say

To have your say on the consultations below, email your comments to

Lincoln Court, Rose Street, Hebburn

Reason for restriction:

  • accessibility issues on the access road (Rose Street) leading to Lincoln Court

Proposed parking restrictions:

  • no waiting at any time
  • no loading at any time

Types of restriction proposed:

  • double yellow lines
  • double yellow kerb blip road markings

The highlighted area in the drawing below shows the proposed no waiting/ no loading at any time:

Proposed parking restriction at Lincoln Court, Hebburn

If you wish to comment on these proposals please send your comments to

Woodbine Street, South Shields

Reason for restriction:

  • The Parking Team has been made aware of parking issues in Woodbine Street, mainly due to non-residential vehicles parking in the street.
  • Resident permit parking may be introduced in residential areas where parking from outside pressures makes it difficult for residents to park. These pressures are most commonly found in the vicinity of businesses, retail premises, hospitals and leisure facilities.

Proposed parking restrictions:

  • Resident permit parking Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm with 1 hour limited waiting
  • No waiting at any time

Types of restriction proposed:

  • Resident permit parking past this point indicated by traffic signs
  • Resident Permit parking bays road markings and traffic signs
  • Double yellow line road markings

The plan below shows the proposed scheme:

Scheme Extents

If you wish to comment on these proposals please send your comments to

The closing date for any comments you may wish to make is the 12 March 2020.

If I am not happy, how do I object to any of the above?

Formal notification of proposals will be displayed via a Legal Notice. The notice will be displayed on site and in the local press. During the notice period objection or support for proposals must be made in writing to the address displayed on the notice or to

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