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Care and health strategies and policies

Continuing Healthcare Operational Policy

This Operational Policy for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) and NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC) details the process for referring, assessing and agreeing eligibility for NHS CHC and for providing that care.

This policy is for all NHS Continuing Healthcare applicants 18 years or older who are registered with a South Tyneside General Practice, or are residents within the area covered by NHS South Tyneside Continuing Healthcare Service and are not registered with a General practitioner elsewhere. This includes all care groups including:

  • physically disabled
  • older people
  • learning disabilities
  • young people in transition
  • people with an organic mental health condition
  • mental health

Continuing Healthcare Operational Policy803.71KB

Adult Social Care in South Tyneside 2016 - 2020

This strategy gives an introduction to the purpose of adult social care, and outlines our approach to adult social care in South Tyneside.

This strategy also explains: 

  • our vision
  • the key building blocks we will need to deliver our vision and approach
  • how we will know how we are doing
  • how the strategy will be implemented

Promoting Your Independence – A Strategy for Adult Social Care154.6KB

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