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School admission arrangements 2021 to 2022

Below are the admission arrangements for schools in South Tyneside that were determined following a period of consultation which was completed in December 2019 in accordance with the School Admission Code. All responses were considered before arrangements were determined.

Further information

For further information about school admission arrangements or catchment areas please contact the School Admissions Team on 0191 424 7767 / 7706 or email

Guidance on summer born admission / admission outside of year group

Department for Education Guidance on Summer Born Admission218.7KB

Guidance on Admission Outside of the Normal Age Group135.82KB

Co-ordinated admission schemes

Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme - Primary 2021306.45KB

Co-ordinated Admissions scheme - Secondary 2021282.25KB

Community and voluntary controlled schools

Community Primary Schools - Criteria - revised 2021157.37KB

Community Secondary Schools - Criteria - revised 2021137.85KB

Proposed Published admission number information 2021-22186.78KB

Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary School Catchment areas 20215.49MB

Secondary School Catchment areas 2021-223.05MB

Trust Schools

Jarrow School - Admission policy 2020-21627.09KB


Cleadon Academy - Revised admissions policy 2021-22583.15KB

Cleadon Academy - Revised nursery admissions policy 2021-22149.76KB

Harton Academy - Revised Admissions Policy 2021-22205.5KB

Holy Trinity Church of England Academy Admissions Policy 2021-22185.41KB

Monkton Infants - Revised admissions policy 2021-22337.4KB

Monkton Infants - Nursery Policy 2021-22326.75KB

Monkton Juniors Admissions Policy 2021-22770.47KB

Ridgeway Academy - Revised Admissions policy 2021-22205.15KB

St Mary's Catholic Primary Admission Policy 2021-22261.86KB

St Wilfrids RC College - Revised admissions policy 2021-22457.95KB

St Wilfrids RC College - Sixth form Admission policy 2021-22169.56KB

Voluntary Aided Schools - Church of England 

St Oswalds C of E Primary School, Hebburn443.83KB

Voluntary Aided Schools - Roman Catholic

SS Peter and Paul RC Primary - Admissions Policy 2021-22404.27KB

St Aloysius RC Infants Admissions Policy 2021-22245.09KB

St Aloysius RC Juniors Admissions Policy 2021-2022242.73KB

St Bedes RC Primary Jarrow Admissions Policy 2021-22247.58KB

St Bedes RC Primary, South Shields Admissions Policy 2021-22240.97KB

St Gregory's RC Primary Admissions Policy 2021-2022254.94KB

St James RC Primary - Admissions Policy 2021-2022248.45KB

St Josephs Catholic Academy Admissions policy 2021-22326.78KB

St Josephs Catholic Academy - Sixth form Admissions policy 2021-22242.08KB

St Josephs Primary Admissions policy 2021-22241.44KB

St Matthews RC Primary - Admissions Policy 2021-22240.34KB

St Oswalds RC Primary South Shields Admissions policy 2021-22241.48KB

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