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Man Forced to Leave his Home


The 'deplorable state' of a South Tyneside man's home resulted in him being evicted.


Wayne Jones, of Wilberforce Street, Jarrow, was forced to leave his home last week because it was in such a poor condition.

He had also been convicted of offences which occurred outside and near the property.


The 46-year-old was evicted from the two-bedroomed downstairs flat where he lived alone after South Tyneside Council successfully secured possession through South Shields County Court.


When Jones moved into the property in 2016, he had to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement because of a history of anti-social behaviour.


A South Tyneside Homes Community Safety and Tenancy Enforcement Officer visited the flat on numerous occasions, and described it as being in a 'deplorable state'. It was cluttered and untidy and there was rubbish accumulating in the back yard.


There was also drugs paraphernalia and often a strong smell of cannabis present in the property.


Despite Jones being given several warnings that he was in breach of his tenancy agreement, the situation didn't improve.


A spokesperson for South Tyneside Council said: "Eviction is always a last resort and we make it quite clear to tenants from the outset what is and isn't acceptable.


"In Jones' case, he had to agree to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement.


"His criminal convictions plus his failure to keep the property in a decent condition breached his tenancy agreement.


"He failed to respond to requests to clean and tidy the property despite knowing he was in danger of losing his home."


There are many ways to report anti-social behaviour in South Tyneside.


Residents can call the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit on 0191 427 7999, the Customer Contact Centre on 0191 424 7000,, text ASB followed by message to 07786 200 802 or online at


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