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A19 additional lane northbound

Work is now complete and the additional lane has been open since 20 December 2019.

The additional lane is located on the A19 northbound, between the A19/A194 Lindisfarne Roundabout and the Jarrow A19/A185 junction to the south of the Tyne Tunnel. 

The purpose of the additional lane is to:

  • Help reduce journey time on the A19 northbound and the local network - The extra lane will mean vehicles which wish to leave the A19 via the Jarrow turn off, won't need to stay in any queue of vehicles waiting to travel north through the tunnel. These vehicles, as well as any travelling from Lindisfarne Roundabout, will be able to stay in the new dedicated lane.
  • Reduce congestion - The removal of non-tunnel traffic from the A19 northbound approach to the Tyne Tunnel, will help reduce queue lengths and journey times for both the A19 traffic and for vehicles on the local road system.
  • Improve air quality through the improved traffic flows

The work was managed by South Tyneside Council, and carried out by the Council's highway construction framework partner, GallifordTry.

Verge improvements

There is ongoing verge works that are seasonal and will need occasional off peak traffic management.

These verge works are planned until the end of January 2020, with landscaping and tree planting scheduled for two weeks in April 2020. 

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