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Street works permit scheme


  1. About the permit scheme
  2. Works that need a permit
  3. Types of permits
  4. Fees
  5. Apply for a permit
  6. Annual report
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About the permit scheme

Following a consultation which ran from 30 July 2019 to 30 October 2019, we are introducing a permit scheme for gas, electricity, water and telecommunication companies to carry out street works activities. Responses to the consultation can be viewed at Street works permit scheme consultation responses

The permit scheme will be in place from March 2020. 

A permit scheme will mean any gas, electricity, water and telecommunication company have to arrange a time to carry out street works. Special arrangements will apply for any emergency works.

This will allow us to better manage and coordinate road works taking place within the Borough and help to:

  • increase efficiency in the running of our roads
  • reduce delays and disruption to economic activity
  • improve reliability of journey times, especially by public transport
  • improve safety at all road work sites for the public and on site workers
  • improve communication about the purpose of the road works and how long they will take

Works that need a permit

A permit will be needed for any registerable activities. This includes:

  • placing apparatus in the street
  • inspecting, maintaining, adjusting, repairing, altering or renewing apparatus in the street
  • changing the position, moving or removing apparatus
  • maintenance and improvement works to the road 
  • major road works

You must register all works that:

  • involve the breaking up or resurfacing of any street
  • involve opening the carriageway or cycleway of traffic-sensitive streets at traffic-sensitive times
  • need temporary traffic control
  • reduces the lanes available on a carriageway that has three or more lanes
  • need a temporary traffic regulation order or notice, or interrupts pedestrian facilities
  • need to reduce the width of an existing carriageway of a traffic-sensitive street and a traffic-sensitive time

For large scale and potentially disruptive works, you should register for a permit as soon as possible.

Immediate works also need a permit. For works that are urgent or an emergency, or works that start out of working hours, a permit must be applied for by 10am the next working day. 

Types of permits for registerable works

There are four types of permits for registerable works:

Permit for major works

This type of permit is usually needed for the most significant types of works and generally need the most advanced notice.

Major works are those which:

  • have been identified in an organisation's annual operating programme or are normally planned or known about at least six months in advanced of the start date
  • need a temporary traffic regulation order
  • will take 11 working days or more

You may also need to apply for a Provisional Advanced Authorisation (PAA). 

Provisional Advanced Authorisation

A Provisional Advanced Authorisation (PAA) permit allows significant works to be identified, co-ordinated and programmed in advanced by allowing works to be provisionally planned in, before the Council grants a permit.

You will need to apply for a PAA at least 3 months before you plan to start the works.

The application for a PAA should include a description of the work you want to carry out and the expected start and end dates.

Each application is limited to one street.

You will be charged for a PAA as well as major works permit, unless pre-agreed by the Council.

If your PAA application is accepted, this does not mean your application for a major works permit will be accepted. 

Permit for standard works

Standard activities include works that have a timescale of 4 to 10 days.

Activities that last less than 10 days but need a traffic regulation order (eg a temporary road closure), or are part of the organisation's operating programme will be categorised as major activity and will need to follow the application process for a major activity. If this takes place in non-traffic sensitive roads or times, they may have reduced fees.

Activities lasting less than 10 days but which require a traffic regulation order, such as a temporary road closure, or are part of the promoters.

You must submit an application to the Council at least 10 days before the expected start date.

Your application must include a description of the works you want to carry out and the expected start and end dates.

Permit for minor works

Minor activities are works that are planned to take 3 days or less.

If they last less than 3 days, but need a traffic regulation order such as a temporary road closure, or are part of your company's operating programme, it will be classsed as a major activity and you will need to apply for a permit for a major activity. There may be a reduced fee if the activities take place in non-traffic sensitive streets or non-traffic sensitive times.

You should submit an application to the Council at 3 days days before the expected start date.

Your application must include a description of the works you want to carry out and the expected start and end dates.

Permit for immediate works

Immediate activities are:

  • emergency works (this may also include corrective works to dangerous defects)
  • works that are needed:
    • to stop an unplanned interruption of any supply or service provided by the company 
    • to avoid substantial loss to the company in relation to an existing service
    • to reconnect supplies or services where the company would be under a civil or criminal liability if the reconnected is delayed until after the permit has expired
    •  includes the activity that cannot be reasonably cut off from such activities

These types of activities may start without a permit.

If you need to carry out immediate works that need traffic control on traffic sensitive streets, you must contact the Council immediately by calling 0191 427 7000. You then must then submit permit within 2 hours of the works starting.

A permit must be submitted by 10am the next work day if the works take place out of hours.

Permit fees

There is a fee for street works permits.

Table of fees for street works permits
 Road category 0 -2 or traffic sensitiveRoad category 3 -4 and non traffic sensitive
Major works - Over 10 days or traffic regulation order needed£205£131
Major works - 4 to 10 days and no traffic regulation order needed£123£75
Major works - up to 3 days and no traffic regulation order needed£63£45
Standard works£123£75
Minor works£63£45

Immediate works




A discount will be applied in category 0 - 2 road types where work takes place outside of traffic sensitive times on traffic sensitive streets. This discount will be in line with the Council's policies and procedures and will be reviewed on an annual basis.


You will not be charged for a permit if:

  • a permit is submitted in line with road works
  • the Council has not responded to a permit application within the timescale
  • a permit has been cancelled before the Council has agreed it
  • the Council has initiated a permit variation
  • a permit has been cancelled through no fault of your own

Permit discounts

There will be a discount where:

  • many permit applications are submitted at the same time for works that are part of the same project but are carried out on more than one street
  • many companies are working within the same site and working together on the same works
  • works are carried out outside of traffic sensitive times on traffic sensitive streets

A discount may be applied if you can show that the proposed works provide a significant economic benefit to the Council. These will be agreed on an ad-hoc basis.

Permit variation fees

  • £45 for works on category 0, 1 and 2 streets and on 3 and 4 traffic sensitive streets
  • £35 for works on category 3 and 4 non traffic sensitive streets

If a permit variation moves works into a higher fee category, you will need to pay the difference in permit fee, as well as the variation fee.

There will be no fee is a permit variation is initiated by the Council. 

Apply for a permit

To apply for a permit, go to:

GOV.UK: Plan and manage roadworks

Annual report

Permit scheme for road works and street works - Annual report 2020/21

More information

More information about the street works permit scheme is available at South Tyneside Council permit scheme242.18KB.

Contact the Street works team

South Shields Town Hall & Civic Offices
Westoe Road
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE33 2RL

Tel: 0191 427 7000


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