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Highways Programme in the Spotlight

South Tyneside Council's approach to maintaining its network of highways will be in focus at the next meeting of the Place Select Committee.



Members will be given an update on the Highways Asset Management Plan, which sets out its management of roads, footpaths and structures.


The document details the works programming, which takes a preventative approach to the network, which comprises of 600km of highways, 1200km of footpaths and 102 structures.


Cllr Doreen Purvis, Vice Chair of the Place Select Committee, said: "The highways network plays a crucial role in the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Borough.


"The Highways Asset Management Plan sets out the approach to maintaining these assets to provide the best possible service."


Members will also receive an update on the commission into Houses of Multiple Occupation and support to vulnerable people in the housing system.


The next meeting of the Place Select Committee will be held at 10am on Tuesday 16 April at South Shields Town Hall.

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