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Love South Tyneside

Love South Tyneside aims to introduce civic pride, raise awareness of things taking place in the Borough including volunteering, community events, drop -in sessions and promote the area.

Support Love South Tyneside by:

  • Talking the
    area up
  • Actively promote
    events in
    the Borough
  • Become a
  • Take part in
    a litter pick-up
  • Get active in
    the community
  • Report issues
    in the Borough
  • Recycle more
  • Plant more
    trees or flowers
  • Befriend a
  • Tell a friend
    about South Tyneside

This web site provides information and advice for starting an active volunteering group and promotes volunteering opportunities to South Tyneside residents.

Love South Tyneside

How Can I Get Involved In Love South Tyneside?

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the Borough.

You don't need to have any special skills or knowledge to be a volunteer. All you need is enthusiasm for improving, promoting and being active in your local area. Volunteering has many rewarding benefits such as meeting new people, improved fitness levels, develop new skills, being part of a team and making South Tyneside a great place to live, invest and bring up families.

Get involved in South Tyneside and take part in one of our volunteering opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Submit Your Event

Get something planned, then just let us know! We can promote your event on this web page, South Tyneside Council's What's On Guide, Love South Tyneside Facebook and Twitter.

If your organisation or event needs volunteers or you are promoting a community drop-in session, please complete the form below.

If there are any problems with your form we will be in touch.

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Love South Tyneside

Nominate A Person

Nominate someone for a special Love South Tyneside thank you. Nominate anyone who you think deserves to be recognised for volunteering, improving the environment, helping others or promoting South Tyneside.

Nominate A Person
Love South Tyneside

Support and Advice

South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council can provide a range of support and training to any group who want to organise a litter pick-up, but please read the following information.

Know The Risks

Those undertaking voluntary litter picks do so at their own risk and they are not working for or on behalf of South Tyneside Homes or South Tyneside Council and therefore neither of the organisations mentioned above will be held responsible for any Loss, damage, injury or inconvenience caused due to the acts or omissions of those volunteering. South Tyneside Homes will support such events as much as they possibly can however the safety of those taking part must be considered by the organiser of the event.

Ensure People Are Suitably Dressed

Those carrying out such voluntary litter picks should make sure they have the appropriate Protective Clothing and Equipment:

  • Suitable footwear which will protect their feet including sturdy rigid soles (no open toed footwear)
  • Sturdy Gloves that will give protection.
  • Hi-Visibility coat or vest which can be seen by members of the public including drivers of vehicles.
  • A set of Litter Pickers.
  • Suitable clothing for undertaking the task

How To Deal With Dangerous Materials

Whilst undertaking a litter pick there is the possibility of coming across a host of items which could cause harm, these include, but not limited to:

  • Discarded Syringes/Needles or other Drug related items – Do not touch these instead contact the Council / South Tyneside Homes on 191 427 7000 or 0300 123 6633 and someone who is trained in removing these will be sent.
  • Broken Glass – Only use your litter pickers to remove this and if there is a box or a container which this can be placed into do so – do not place glass in a litter bag.
  • Asbestos or other unknown materials – these should not be moved by volunteers, contact the Council on 0191 427 7000.

Let The Council Know Your Plans

Prior to carrying out a Litter Pick contact South Tyneside Homes on 0300 123 66 33 to agree an area to clear. Arrangements will also be made for the collection of the bags of litter collected by the group.

Love South Tyneside

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