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Living Better Lives (ASC)

Support with food shopping

See information for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable.


Shopping for food and other essential items can be challenging when you are older or living with a disability.

This advice suggests some ways to overcome these difficulties, so you can get the things you need and stay as independent as possible.

Support from people around you

Friends, family and trusted neighbours are often more than willing to help - you just need to ask.

They may be happy to:

  • pick up essential items for you when they do their own regular shop
  • take you with them when they go shopping
  • help you unpack and put your shopping away

Preparing your shopping list

Tips to make preparing your shopping list quicker and easier:

  • Keep a pencil and notepad handy, to write what you need as you remember things or when something runs out
  • If there are certain items that you need every week, get a few copies of that list made so you just need to add any extra items
  • If you place an order online, you normally get the option of storing 'favourites' or 'my last order'

Getting to the shop

  • Some shops offer transport such as free buses from certain locations
  • Consider taking a taxi if you will have a heavy load or don't live very close to a bus stop
  • Do you have a friend, neighbour or relative who could take you shopping?
  • Some voluntary groups will take people shopping

Order online - home delivery or click and collect

Order and pay for your groceries over the internet. You can choose:

  • Home delivery - choose a time for your shopping to be delivered to your home
    • Delivery charges will apply; these are cheapest during normal office hours or with a 'delivery saver' scheme
  • Click and collect - order your shopping online and choose a time to collect it from the supermarket
    • This can be useful if you want to ask a friend, relative or support worker to collect your shopping for you, but don't want to take up too much of their time
    • There is a small charge for shopping under a certain amount (you could consider fortnightly shopping instead of weekly)

When you shop online:

  • it's easy to see special offers
  • you can charge your order on the day before your delivery/collection
  • you can save your list so you only have to update it next time

Some grocery websites include: 

Help using the internet

If you can't use the internet or don't feel comfortable, why not ask family or friends to help or order for you?

Age Concern Tyneside South can help with developing digital skills to help you to shop online, either at home (if you have internet connection) or through courses held at their offices.

Home delivery from your local store

Some shops will deliver your shopping to your door. This means you can do your own shopping without the worry of getting it home.

Milk and dairy deliveries

Your local milkman / milkwoman can provide doorstep deliveries of milk and other diary products.

Look for local dairy deliveries in South Tyneside: Dairies

Organisations that can support with shopping

Staying independent in your own home

For more information about support with living in your own home, including home care, mobiles meals and more, see Staying independent in your home.

Need advice about the right support for you, a friend or relative?

Our team of trained advisers is here to help guide you to the right support to help you stay independent.

This could include connecting you to facilities and resources that are available in your community, finding care support services that you can arrange yourself, or accessing care support from the Council if eligible.

Email the Let's Talk team at or call 0191 424 6000.

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