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Council Safely Reduces Number of Looked-After Children

Measures to safely reduce the number of children in care will be outlined to councillors in South Tyneside next week.

Members of the People Select Committee will be told that new teams and approaches are proving successful in bringing down the number of looked-after children.

A report to the committee highlights that the number of looked-after children stabilised in 2018-2019, bringing the numbers in the Borough below that of neighbouring authorities.

Early and targeted support has resulted in fewer families finding themselves in crisis situations while more support is also being offered to extended family members.

Chair of the Committee, Councillor John McCabe, said: "All families are different but it seems our approach of offering bespoke support to individuals when they need it is bearing fruit.

"We want every child and young person in the Borough to have the best start in life so we will continue to monitor this service to make sure we achieve this ambition."

Members will also receive a presentation from the South Tyneside NHS Clinical Commissioning Group on plans to develop the role of prescribing pharmacists.

They will be told that a new scheme, GP2 Pharmacy, is currently being piloted which allows GP practices to book community pharmacy appointments for suitable patients. This can be a fast and convenient alternative to being seen by a GP.

The pilot scheme, involving nine GP practices, is also trialling a small number of prescription-only medications being prescribed by pharmacists.

The meeting will be held at 10am on Tuesday 15 January in the Council Chamber of South Shields Town Hall. All are welcome.



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