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Recycling bin trial FAQs

Households in the Whitburn and Marsden area have been selected as part of a new recycling trial to increase the quality of recycled paper and cardboard in the Borough.

The trial is due to start in February 2019 and those households selected will receive a letter explaining the scheme and what the next steps are.

What materials will be collected in each bin?

Blue bin with red lid

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Paper
  • Telephone directories
  • Envelopes
  • Catalogues
  • Shredded paper
  • All clean and dry cardboard (no cardboard should contain grease or food)

Blue bin with blue lid

  • Food tins
  • Drink cans
  • Aerosols
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays 
  • Waxed drink cartons

Residents in the trial area will receive full information to explain what goes in each bin and what dates the new bins will be delivered and collected.

How often will my bins be collected?

The blue bin and red lidded bin will be collected once every 4 weeks instead of fortnightly. They will be collected as follows:

  • Week 1: Grey bin (household)
  • Week 2: Red lidded bin (card/paper)
  • Week 3: Grey bin (household)
  • Week 4: Blue bin (plastics/cans/glass/cartons)

How can I check the date/day of my collection? 

We will issue calendars, or you can check your bin collection dates online.

Will my collection day change?

No, your bin collection day will not change.

Please continue to present the correct bin on your scheduled collection day.

Will the recycling bins be large enough for a four weekly collection?

Yes - you will have the same if not more capacity than you do with the current recycling bin and caddy on a fortnightly collection:

  • Old style 240 litre bin x 2 collections every four weeks = 480 litres
  • New style 240 litre x 2 bins x 1 collection every four weeks = 480 litres

Please make sure you wash and squash all containers and place the caps back on plastic bottles, so the air stays out.

You should flatten and cut up cardboard as they can contain a lot of wasted space.

How big are the new red lidded recycling bins?

The bin is a standard size the same as your household and blue recycling bin (Capacity: 240 litres).

Why is the Council introducing another wheeled bin for recycling?

To increase the amount of paper recycled separately as this is one of the most valuable materials.

It will also help to improve the quality of the paper and cardboard, meaning our contractor will be able to find a market for the material more easily. This could result in more income for the Council which will help us to address the budget gap.

Do I have to have another bin?

Yes. We will no longer be collecting paper from the caddy.

Cardboard and paper will no longer be accepted in the blue bin. This will only be accepted in the red lidded bin.

I have no space to store my bins, what should I do?

If you think you have no room to store another wheeled bin (e.g. in flats, terraced houses, bedsits etc), a visit can be arranged to assess your individual circumstances.

Please call 0191 427 7000 or email to speak to the Waste Team.

What happens if I miss a collection day?

Place the bin out on your next scheduled collection day. If you have excess materials these can be recycled at the Recycling Village, Middlefields

Can I have a smaller bin?

We are issuing a standard 240 litre bin as we anticipate most residents will require this size bin to fit all their recycling in based on a four weekly collection. Unfortunately, we will not take away any excess materials put out in bags.

If you currently have a smaller bin please call 0191 427 700 or email to speak to the Waste Team.

What happens if I cannot fit all my recycling in the bin?

We can assess your needs. Larger families may be entitled to a second recycling bin.

Please make sure you wash and squash all containers and place the caps back on plastic bottles, so the air stays out. You should also flatten and cut up cardboard boxes as they can contain a lot of wasted space. 

Will you take materials including cardboard placed next to the bin?

The two bins should be large enough to contain all of your recycling. 

Material placed next to bins causes issues with littering and on wet days, the material cannot be recycled.

If you have no room left in your red lidded bin (card/paper), large boxes can be placed next to the bin and this will be collected by the crew. The cardboard must be dry

We will not remove any other types of material placed next to the bin.

What happens to materials that get wet?

It's important to keep your recycled items dry and your bin lid closed. 

No wet paper or cardboard should go in the bin and you should empty all cans and bottles before recycling. Please wash out food residue etc and make sure there is no liquid left in the container.

If your recycling gets wet it means we cannot recycle these items anymore. 

Wet paper and cardboard can also stick to the machinery and clog up the system at the recycling plant. Therefore, we cannot remove wet cardboard placed next to your bin either.

What do I do with the inner caddy (the black box in the blue recycling bin)?

Please keep this at your property. The card/paper bin is a trial and we may return to using the caddy in the future. 

Please do not put your caddy out for collection as it will not be emptied.

What happens if I put the wrong materials in the bins?

Unfortunately, we cannot empty bins that contain incorrect materials. Incorrect materials can contaminate the load.

Bins with incorrect items will be stickered/tagged and will not be emptied until the next collection day.

Please remove the incorrect items from the bin before the next collection day.

We will not empty recycling bins if they contain:

  • plastic carrier bags / sacks of any kind
  • food waste
  • wood
  • textiles
  • nappies
  • polystyrene
  • takeaway pizza boxes
  • plastic film and wrappings from boxes

A full A-Z list of what can and cannot be recycled can be found at Recycling A-Z.

What happens to the recycling once it has been collected?

Recycling is taken to to a transfer station and then transferred onto a materials recovery facility which sorts the materials into individual streams. These can then be sold to re-processors for recycling.

The paper can be used in a paper mill to produce newspapers and magazines and then mixed paper and card can then be used to make more cardboard. 

I'm not part of the trail area. Can I have a bin for card/paper?

Unfortunately, this is a trial and we cannot include all properties in South Tyneside. We will review the results of the trail and may roll this out to more properties in the future. 

How did the Council choose the trial properties for the scheme?

This was based on several factors including:

  • current levels of recycling on various collection rounds
  • types of properties
  • location within the Borough

My bin has been stolen or damaged, what should I do?

All residents in the trail scheme can receive a replacement red lidded bin free of charge. Please ring the Contact Centre on 0191 427 7000.

If your current grey household and/or blue recycling bin is lost or damaged, then you must pay for these.

Will assisted collections continue to be available?

Yes, if you have an assisted collection, this will continue.

How much will this trial cost the Council?

This trial is at no cost to the Council and is funded by our recycling contractor.

What if my recycling bin smells?

All plastic, metal and glass should be rinsed before going in the recycling bin.

Cardboard and paper should be free from grease and food.

Keep your bin lids closed to help stop rain, flies and other vermin getting in. This will also prevent smells getting out.

I have moved to a new build property, how do I get a new or additional bin?

You can request new bins online at Order a new bin or caddy or through the Contact Centre on 0191 427 7000.

All bins will be subject to a charge.






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