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Speed Limit to Boost Street Safety

New speed restrictions have been put in place to enhance road safety in a South Tyneside village.

A 20mph zone has been introduced in Beaconside and Beaconglade, Marsden, following concerns from residents about vehicle speeds in the two streets.


New signs and road markings have now been installed.

Cllr Joyce Welsh, speaking on behalf of herself and fellow Whitburn and Marsden ward members Tracey Dixon and Peter Boyack, said: "As ward councillors, we shared local people's' concerns about the speed some people were driving at in these streets.

"We are delighted that the new 20mph limit has been introduced, as I am are sure residents


"South Tyneside Council is committed to improving road safety and these new measures will help protect all road users - motorists, pedestrians and cyclists - in this area."

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