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Mayor's Civic Award Celebrates Community Campaigner

A passionate community campaigner with a drive for supporting people with diabetes has been honoured with the South Tyneside Mayor's Civic Award.

Clare Allom, lead campaigner and vice-chair of the Diabetes UK South Tyneside has received the Civic Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the Borough.

For more than ten years, Clare and her team have dedicated their efforts to raising awareness of diabetes and improving care for thousands of people living with diabetes across South Tyneside and beyond.

In one of her final duties as the Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor Olive Punchion presented Clare with her accolade during a formal ceremony watched by family and friends at South Shields Town Hall.

The Mayor said: "I was a real honour to present Clare Allom with the Mayor's Civic Award.

"Clare is a real credit to South Tyneside and her passion, care and commitment to her cause is an inspiration to all. She works tirelessly to support others with diabetes. She is not only an incredible role model but a wonderful ambassador for voluntary and community groups.

"Clare and her team's work to improve services is already benefiting people living with the condition. On behalf of the people of the Borough, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Clare and her group for all their incredible work and dedication to this extremely worthy cause."

Clare was instrumental in the opening of one-stop-shops for diabetes care, which give people with diabetes the opportunity to access comprehensive diabetes check-ups, including blood tests, eye and foot screenings as well as podiatry sessions all under one roof.

It is thanks to these health hubs and the work of Diabetes UK South Tyneside that people across the area have more support, making it less likely they will experience diabetes-related complications later in life.

Clare, who has Type 2 diabetes, said: "I'm really touched. It was an honour to be presented with the award.

"But I wouldn't have received it if it hadn't been for all the people around me. This evening was a celebration of what can be achieved and we were all made to feel very welcome. It was lovely.

"While what has been accomplished is fantastic, we are all determined to keep the focus on diabetes. It is a life changing condition, which brings huge challenges to sufferers and can cause serious health problems if left undetected. It's important we continue with our work around diabetes awareness, education, prevention and improving care."

The Mayor's Civic Award is made to an individual or a group who has made an outstanding contribution to, or on behalf of, the Borough of South Tyneside.

Clare was also named as one of the Diabetes UK Inspire Award winners for 2016.

For further information about Diabetes UK South Tyneside visit The group meets the second Tuesday of the month at Saville Lodge in South Shields.


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