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Schools - advice and guidance for adoptive families and schools

Many adopted children continue to have the same or similar needs as when they were in care.

Moving from care to an adoption placement can bring temporary additional challenges.

The Children and Social Work Act (2017) requires schools to appoint a designated member of staff to have responsibility for all children who were formerly in care.

Designated staff for adopted children in South Tyneside schools can contact the Virtual School directly on if they have concerns about the progress and attainment of an adopted child.

Schools are increasingly aware of the need to proactively consider how they will make sure that adopted children are supported to achieve their full potential. Resources that have been effectively used by senior leaders and practitioners in school are now available for schools, and provide a wealth of guidance to inform senior leaders of the type of activities that they can implement in their setting. View the resources and support for schools.

Useful strategies for schools

Some useful strategies for schools to consider are:

Resources and support for schools

Below are some resources and support for schools:


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