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Be Aware of Mate Crime

What is mate crime?

A 'mate' is a friend. Someone who is there for you, someone you can have a good time with and you do and like things that are similar. Most people are good friends.

Good friends do not want things from you. Some people pretend to be your friend and then they can start to be nasty, say hurtful things, take things from you and bully you into doing things you do not want to do.

This is called Mate Crime - and it is a crime!

Here are some things that people might do - these are all mate crimes:

  • Getting you to buy their shopping then you won't see them for a long time
  • They only want to be with you when you have money- but they aren't interested in you if you don't have any
  • Come to your home to eat and drink and invite other people you don't know into your home
  • They might get you to steal things
  • Do things to your body that you don't want
  • Ask to lend money but then never give it back
  • Offer to go to the cash machine with your card without asking
  • Make fun of you or call you names in front of people

Report this! Make sure the police know what is going on.

Contact the Police on 101 or in an emergency call 999.

Be aware of mate crime - report any suspicions

Mate crime occurs when a person is harmed or taken advantage of by someone they thought was their friend. In some cases of mate crime victims have been badly harmed or killed.

There are different types of mate crime:

  • Theft/financial abuse: The abuser might demand or ask to be lent money and then not pay it back. The perpetrator might misuse the property of the vulnerable adult.
  • Physical assault/abuse: The abuser might hurt or injure the vulnerable adult.
  • Harassment or emotional abuse: The abuser might manipulate, mislead and make the person feel worthless.
  • Sexual assault/abuse: The abuser might harm or take advantage of the person sexually.

Contact the police on 101 or if you have any suspicions or concerns contact the Let's Talk on 0191 424 6000.



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