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Junior LSCB (Local Safeguarding Children Board)

What is the Junior LSCB?

LSCB stands for 'Local Safeguarding Children Board' and it is made up of adults who meet and plan ways to help children and young people stay safe. 

The Super Safety Squad is the junior part of the LSCB and they are a group of children who work together to think about how to keep children safe. Adults don't always know what's really important to children so the Super Safety Squad find out and then tell them.  

Anti-bullying event

Each year the 'FAB Awards You!' event is hosted by children from the Junior LSCB to celebrate and share anti-bullying work from schools and community settings across South Tyneside. 

2017 was the year of the 8th awards and was marked by the involvement of 21 schools/community groups and the addition of two new award categories; the Inclusion Award and the Role Model Award. 

More information about the 2017 Awards is included in the Junior LSCB report742.41KB.

If bullying is an issue you are facing or would like more information about here are some contacts you might find useful:


Anti-bullying Alliance


Stand Up To Bullying

Find out more about the Super Safety Squad

For more information about the Super Safety Squad, please contact or call 07976 801 247.

You can keep up to date with the work of the Super Safety Squad, as well as all the other groups and opportunities offered by the Participation team on Twitter @ParticipationST and Facebook Participation in South Tyneside.

Anti-bullying resources for schools and youth groups

In the spring term of 2018, the Super Safety Squad ran a consultation for Primary School children in South Tyneside. The issue which came out top was bullying and became their campaign theme. During their meetings and at events organised for schools the group has identified key issues around bullying. They have produced a set of anti-bullying resources which are now available to view and use.

Anti-bullying freeze frames activity1.27MB

Anti-Bullying Question Activity Plan- SCOOT625.47KB

Bullying map activity647.96KB

Anti-Bullying Quiz Questions657.89KB

Anti-Bullying Quiz Answers622.16KB

Super Safe Rewards600.36KB

Super Safe Rewards Blue Certificate597.12KB

Super Safe Rewards Yellow Certificate597.13KB

Anti-Bullying Checklist411.0KB

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