Monkton Terrace footbridges closure


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The Monkton Terrace footbridges in Jarrow were closed in December 2021.

A temporary path for pedestrians is in place on the road bridge.

Temporary traffic lights are in place to manage the traffic on the remaining lane.

Drivers are urged to make extra time for their journeys.

Why the work is needed

During routine safety inspections, structural experts raised concerns about the condition of the bridge parapets.

The footbridges require essential assessment and maintenance works to ensure their long-term safety.

The route is heavily used, and provides access to the Jarrow Shopping Centre, access to local schools and services, as well as connecting local communities.

We appreciate that there will be some inconvenience for the travelling public, but the need to maintain a direct route for pedestrians along this heavily used route is seen as a priority.

The closest alternative diversion route was deemed unsuitable for people with accessibility issues.


Monkton Terrace
Tyne and Wear
NE32 5BU


The footbridges were closed from the evening of Friday 17 December 2021.

The closures will remain in place while structural inspection and design are carried out during 2022.

The results of the inspections will determine:

  • the extent of the structural works needed to strengthen the footbridge parapets, and
  • when the footbridges can reopen to the public.

Due to the complex nature of repairing the structures which carry pedestrians over an active railway line, the design and structural refurbishment will take some time to complete and is complicated by access issues.

We will be closely monitoring the works throughout, and looking at what we can do to minimise the impact of the project on the local community wherever possible.

While the structural assessment and design works are underway the travelling public will see no visible works on the bridges

The assessment and design works progress is dependent upon access to the rail tracks which is outside of the control of the council, however we are working closely with our strategic partners to progress those works as quickly as possible while maintaining the safety of all concerned.

Current best estimate for the completion of the permanent works is spring / summer 2023.

Latest news

Footbridge closures to protect the public - 16 December 2021