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All Saints Community Centre

The centre offers a range services to people of all ages, providing a relaxed and friendly environment that encourages people to attend and socialise and importantly play an active role in the activities on offer.

The activities offered include:

  • dog and puppy training classes 
  • disco dancing
  • tap and stage dancing
  • visually impaired group 
  • heart start group
  • model making
  • craft class
  • art class
  • youth club 
  • junior youth club 
  • karate classes 
  • circuit training
  • fitness
  • META fit 
  • boxercise 
  • warhammer gaming club
  • kettle bells
  • and much more

The centre works on the principle of providing personal development for every user and they aim to have every person who attends the centre learning throughout life.

Users of the centre are encouraged to participate and take an active role in the decision making process and development of the centre and of the area of All Saints/wider community.


Tel: 0191 456 1185
Web: All Saints Community Association


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