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Magna Charter

Magna Charter

The Magna Charter is our commitment to avoid unhelpful changes in your life. If changes do happen, we promise we'll help you understand what's going on and make sure your views are listened to.

Download the Magna Charter3.1MB.

The Magna Charter contains some of South Tyneside's key promises to children and young people who are looked after. The promises shown in the Magna Charter were chosen by MAGIC (our Children in Care Council) and include: changes to social worker, school and placements.

Here's a more complete list of promises that South Tyneside is making to help avoid unhelpful changes in your life.

Magna Charter information

We will:

  • always tell you when a social worker is changing and why
  • tell you that a change is happening before we introduce you to a new worker.
  • endeavour to have a handover visit (this not occurring will only happen in exceptional circumstances) and we will communicate changes of social worker to your IRO prior to this occurring
  • move placements in a planned way unless 'it is not safe'
  • involve you in the move
  • tell you why you are moving
  • not (never) move your belongings in black bin bags
  • give you information about all your placements in advance. This will include:
    • Name of carers
    • Details and age of other young people
    • The place
  • listen to your views about your placement
  • not move your school except in exceptional circumstances
  • proactively support and promote 'Staying Put' (this is your right to stay with your foster after your 18th birthday)
  • value your family relationships
  • support your relationships with your friends
  • try to stop issues escalating
  • try to keep change to a minimum

Magna Charter family

What you can do if you think this isn't true for you:

If you think any of the promises about haven't been kept, here's what you can do:

  • Speak to your foster carer or social worker and tell them what's not right
  • Use MOMO (Mind Of My Own) to send a message about what's not working for you (ask your worker about this or look at Mind Of My Own)
  • Make a complaint by emailing

Magna Charter family relationships



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