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Living Better Lives (ASC)

Support with cleaning and laundry

Do you need help to do laundry, or to make sure your home is clean and tidy?

This can be challenging when you are older or are living with a disability.

This advice suggests some ways to overcome these difficulties so you can stay as independent as possible.

Support from people around you

Friends, family and trusted neighbours are often more than willing to help - you just need to ask.

You could consider allowing them to use your washing machine in return for their help with your laundry.

Local services

There are local services which can help with cleaning and laundry. 

  • South Tyneside Community Laundry - offers a collection and delivery service with a three day turnaround. This service offers a discounted rate for older people and those with disabilities. The service can also provide bags to accommodate soiled laundry. See South Tyneside Community Laundry.
  • Age Concern - offers a wide range of support to meet the needs of older people living in South Tyneside. See Age Concern Tyneside South - Integrated Service.

See below for a list of organisations that can help with cleaning and laundry.

Home care

If you need extra support, a home care service can help. For a list of home care providers and the services they offer, see Home care providers.

Organisations that can support with cleaning and laundry

Need advice about the right support for you, a friend or relative?

Our team of trained advisers is here to help guide you to the right support to help you stay independent.

This could include connecting you to facilities and resources that are available in your community, finding care support services that you can arrange yourself, or accessing care support from the Council if eligible.

Email the Let's Talk team at or call 0191 424 6000.


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