R Paul Wilson

Lecture and close-up

Ronald Paul Wilson (R Paul Wilson) is a close-up magician and television presenter. He lives and works between London, Los Angeles and his home in Scotland. He was a writer and presenter on the BBC's The Real Hustle from 2006-2012.

Wilson has studied sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since the age of eight. After twelve years as an IT consultant, he became a professional performer and lecturer, studying film before moving into the industry. Wilson was a second unit director, advisor, and actor in the 2004 film, Shade. He directed and starred in the opening titles, which featured expert sleight of hand with cards. He later appeared as Mr. Andrews, a poker playing card cheat. He also had a small role in Joe Carnahan's film Smokin' Aces, in which he was also a magic advisor whose duties included teaching the lead actor to handle cards like an expert.

Wilson has worked on projects with Sylvester Stallone, Stuart Townsend, Jamie Foxx, Gabriel Byrne, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keys, Andy GarcĂ­a and Jeremy Piven. He also produced A&E's television show Mondo Magic, advised Criss Angel on his television show, appeared on Modern Marvels casino technology episodes, co-created, produced and starred in Court TV's The Takedown and is the resident cheating expert on Italian television's Arcana show.

Wilson was a writer and presenter on the BBC's The Real Hustle. As a magician Wilson's television and film credits include the video series Royal Road to Card Magic, Hit the Road with Paul Wilson and Lee Asher, Knock 'Em Dead, Twists Of Fate, The Restaurant Act, and The Unreal Work with Paul Wilson and Jason England.

He has published several articles in MAGIC Magazine and Genii Magazine. His books include Chaos Theories, The Little Black Book, Obscure Acts, Omerta, Crash Course in Brain Surgery, The Inslow Effect, 13, Miracle Card in Beer Bottle, The Finnish Line, and over a dozen online manuscripts.

Wilson is also the inventor of the "Triple Threat" version of Connie Hayden's original gaff. Jamie Schoolcraft's version of Paul's gaff is known as 3CM. He is also credited as the artist who drew the pictures in Richard Wiseman's book "Magic in Theory".


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