Andrew Green

Gala Show

Andrew Green is one of the UK's premier professional close up magicians and stage illusionists. He has been invited to perform across the globe at numerous exclusive events and for the most prestigious clients.

From close up magic miracles where the incredible effects take place in the hands of the audience to large scale illusions choreographed into theatrical scenes where a cast of dancers appear, disappear and levitate before the eyes of the audience in beautifully staged illusion sequences. Andrew Green is truly a modern wizard conjuring up the impossible.

Andrew started his career in theatre after training in performance arts and dance, leading to numerous successful UK theatre tours and large summer season production shows. In recent years his work has taken him into the corporate entertainment arena with high profile shows for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein-Singapore, Manchester United FC, Audi, Bentley, UEFA and many top celebrities such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Hugh Bonniville, Wayne & Coleen Rooney and many more.

Having acted as a TV consultant to create special effects for a TV Magic special of Channel 5's 'The Gadget Show', Andrew has recently created some spectacular illusions for pantomime productions across the UK.

During his 20 year magic career Andrew has appeared in and produced numerous theatre shows and events, working with and bringing together some of the finest artistes in the UK. Andrew has been involved with some highly successful productions in some of the top UK theatres. His passion for creating spectacle has also lead him to recreating death defying escapology stunts originated by the late Harry Houdini for PR stunts on TV.

Magic isn't just about the trickery, it is about the ability to capture people's imagination and leave them with a unique personal experience. Andrew Green is a master at creating the impossible and turning minutes into magical moments...


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