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Safety Advisory Group

South Tyneside's Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is co-ordinated by the Council and is made up of representatives from the council, Northumbria Police, North East Ambulance Service, Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service and other relevant bodies and sometimes the event organiser.

They may be event or location specific but otherwise tend to be based within the Council's boundaries.

The SAG normally meet approximately once a month throughout the year to consider the progress of major events, as well as new applications.

Depending on the nature and scale of the event you are making an application for, you may be invited to one of the Safety Advisory Group meetings to discuss the specifics of your proposal in more detail.

The SAG do not have legal powers or responsibilities and are not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place.

They provide independent advice to event organisers who retain the legal responsibility for ensuring a safe event. Some of the member organisations of the SAG have powers that require event organisers to comply with their legal obligations and take action to ensure public safety.


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