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East Boldon neighbourhood planning

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan referendum

A Neighbourhood Planning Referendum was held for the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 28 October 2021.

See the results of the East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan referendum

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan

East Boldon Neighbourhood Plan

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Area and corresponding East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum were formally designated in January 2018 for the purposes of the local community carrying out Neighbourhood Planning activities in the East Boldon area of South Tyneside.

East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum Written Constitution458.06KB

East Boldon Neighbourhood Area305.12KB

The Neighbourhood Forum designation lasts for a period of five years (or until it is withdrawn), during which time no other organisation or body may be designated for the purposes of carrying out Neighbourhood Planning in this Neighbourhood Area.

Any Neighbourhood Plan prepared by the local community would ultimately form part of South Tyneside Council's statutory Local Plan once it has successfully undergone formal public consultation, independent examination and a community referendum, and thus it must be in accordance with the strategic elements of the emerging new Local Plan.

Contacting the East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum

The East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum may be contacted at c/o Dave Hutchinson, Chair of East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum

Application documents

The prospective East Boldon Neighbourhood Forum's application were received in September 2017. The applications were considered to satisfy the legal requirements and were publicised for a period of 6 weeks (11 October 2017 - 22 November 2017).

Application letter182.03KB

Neighbourhood Area Application:

Proposed Neighbourhood Area506.14KB

Application and Supporting Statement for Proposed Neighbourhood Area189.23KB

Neighbourhood Forum Application:

Application for Neighbourhood Forum209.17KB

Proposed Forum Constitution458.06KB

Equality and Diversity Report559.23KB

Proposed Forum Membership179.47KB

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