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Moving school (in-year admissions)

COVID-19 update

Appeals for most schools in South Tyneside have restarted. Appeal hearings are taking place remotely. More about school admissions and appeals.


  1. Overview
  2. Deciding whether to move schools
  3. How to apply
  4. After you've applied


This information is for parents of children who need to move or start a new school outside of the usual times. This includes:

  • if your child needs to move after the school year has started (the school year starts in September)
  • if your child needs to move when they are part-way through primary or secondary (children usually start a new school in reception, year 3 and year 7)

These are known as in-year admissions.

This may be because:

  • you have moved into South Tyneside
  • you already live in South Tyneside but wish to change your child's school

South Tyneside Council organises in-year admissions for all schools in South Tyneside.

Fair Access Protocol

Our Fair Access Protocol is in place to make sure that children who haven't been able to get a school place through the usual process, especially the most vulnerable children, are offered a place at a suitable school as soon as possible.

Fair Access Protocol183.33KB

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