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Suggestions for future Blue Plaques

Listed below are suggestions for future Blue Plaques in South Tyneside.

Suggestions from Boldon History Group

Sir William Mills

Sir William Mills is an engineer who invented the Mills Bomb.

He lived at 94 Front Street and also at Boldon Lodge, Front Street, East Boldon.

Samuel Storey

Samuel Storey was the driving force in creating the East Boldon we know now. 

He realised that the middle classes wanted to escape from the town, so he bought land for development.

He lived at Hawthorn Lodge, Ashleigh Villas.

Denise Robertson (Denise Thubron)

Denise Robertson is a well known writer, television personality and "agony aunt".

She lived at Boldon Lodge, Front Street.

John George Addison 

Of "The Grange".

He did so much for the village and its organisations.

Suggestions from Jarrow and Hebburn Local History Society Members 

Alphonse Reyrolle

Alphonse founded the Reyrolle company in Hebburn.

Andrew Leslie 

Andrew founded the shipyard in Hebburn.

Ellison Hall, Hebburn

Ellison Hall was the home of the Carr Ellison family.

This is where experiments took place to test the Humphrey Davy miners safety lamp.

Jarrow Hall

Jarrow Hall was built by Simon Temple, who was the founder of Jarrow colliery and shipyard.

Ellen Wilkinson MP

Ellen was a Suffragist and found fame for her tireless support for the Jarrow Crusade in 1936.

Lord Don Dixon

Lord Don Dixon was a Councillor for both Jarrow Council and South Tyneside Council. 

He became the Member of Parliament for the constituency and was deputy chief whip during the Blair Government.

On his retirement, he was created a member of the House of Lords by Tony Blair.


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