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We're working to give the children of South Tyneside the best start in life

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We want South Tyneside's children and families to have the best start in life and aspire to a bright and prosperous future. To ensure everyone reaches their full potential, we will work together to provide the best possible learning and recreation opportunities, with targeted protection, care and support for those in greatest need.

We are dedicated to helping members of the public, staff, members and partners understand our vision and how we deliver outcomes for children within one overarching strategy.

By promoting our wide range of services for children and families to the public, including how they can access them easily and quickly, we are supporting families to engage and support themselves.

Supporting families to support themselves

Find out about our wide range of services for children and families. We want to build safer and stronger families, provide increased opportunities for enterprise learning and skills within healthier communities.

To speak with our Early Help advice and support team, please call:

  • 0191 424 6214 (pre-birth – 5 year olds)
  • 0191 424 6210 (5-19 year olds)

Smoking during pregnancy

We are working to reduce the number of mothers smoking during pregnancy. For information about stopping smoking to give your child the best start in life, see:

Stop smoking

Healthy weight

We are working to reduce excess weight during childhood in South Tyneside. There are plenty of resources to help children and families maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy weight

Looked after children

We want to ensure our support for both looked after children, their carers and adoptive families remains of the highest quality.


World-class education

We have invested in early education and school improvement and our family of schools consistently performs excellently.


Domestic abuse

Find out what to do if you're affected by domestic abuse, and view a directory of local and national services that can help.

Domestic abuse

SEN and Disabilities

Find information and services to help children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families.

SEN and Disabilities

Worried about a child?

If you are worried about the safety of a child or young person, contact us.

Worried about a child?

Other useful contacts

There are lots of services available locally for children and young people.

Useful contacts

More services for children and families

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