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Arches junction improvements (A185 / A194)

The main improvement works to the Arches junction (A185 / A194) were completed in March 2019.

The remaining small amount of footpath and landscaping works will be completed without impact on the network. There will then follow a 12 month 'defects correction period', during which any snagging works will be carried out.

What improvements have been made?

  • The Arches and the Hobson / Elswick Way junctions are now signalised junctions
  • There is a new one-way link road from Hobson Way to Jarrow Road, and the section of Jarrow Road between the extended Hobson Way and the A194 is now one-way
  • The A194 has been widened towards the Hobson Way / Elswick Way junction to enable two right turning lanes onto Hobson Way
  • New and improved pedestrian and cycle routes 

These improvements aim to cut journey times, especially during rush hours, as well as improving road safety at this location, benefiting commuters, local businesses and residents. 

New layout

Arches junction proposed layout

Key (new layout)
A (Arches junction)
New link road between Hobson Way and A185 Jarrow Road
B (Arches junction)
Hobson Way now one-way road 
C (Arches junction)
A185 Jarrow Road now one way between Hobson Way and the A194
D (Arches junction)
Arches junction now traffic signal controlled (no right turn from A194 Western Approach to A185 Jarrow Road)
E (Arches junction)
A194 / Hobson Way / Elswick Way junction now traffic signal controlled
F (Arches junction)
A194 Newcastle Road widened to accommodate two right-turn lanes onto Hobson Way
Footway / cycleway (Arches junction)
Footway / cycleway
Footway (Arches junction)
Uncontrolled crossing points (Arches junction)
Uncontrolled crossing points
Signal controlled crossing points (Arches junction)
Signal controlled crossing points

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