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Whitburn Neighbourhood Planning

Examination of the Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan Submission draft

We have received the Independent Examiner's Report and are considering the recommendations, in consultation with the Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum.

Examination of the Submission draft Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan

About the Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum

The Whitburn Neighbourhood Area and corresponding Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum were formally designated in January 2017 and the designations were subsequently renewed in March 2022 for the purposes of the local community carrying out Neighbourhood Planning activities in the Whitburn area of South Tyneside.

Whitburn Neighbourhood Area Map7.0MB

Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum Written Constitution248.13KB

The Neighbourhood Forum designation lasts for a period of five years, or until it is withdrawn.

Any Neighbourhood Plan prepared by the local community would ultimately form part of South Tyneside Council's statutory Local Plan once it has successfully undergone formal public consultation, independent examination and a community referendum, and thus it must be in accordance with the strategic elements of the emerging new Local Plan.  

See also Neighbourhood Planning and our 5 Steps Guide to Neighbourhood Planning.

Contacting the Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum

The Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum may be contacted at, via their Facebook page, or by post:

c/o Mr. Philip Leaf  - Chairman, Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum

87 Shearwater


Tyne & Wear


Re-designation Application

The Whitburn Neighbourhood Area and Forum were designated in January 2017. The Forum's designation lasts for five years and expires in January 2022.

The Forum applied to the Council to formally renew its designation. The neighbourhood area boundary remains identical to the original boundary that was designated in January 2017.

Renewal will allow the Forum to continue carrying out neighbourhood planning matters in Whitburn.  The Forum is required to have a written constitution that describes the basic framework of the organisation and a minimum of 21 members.

The application documents are:

Application for Neighbourhood Area Redesignation156.57KB

Application for Neighbourhood Forum Redesignation170.67KB

Application for Neighbourhood Area and Forum Cover Letter96.25KB

Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum Constitution248.57KB

Whitburn Neighbourhood Area286.84KB


Application for the Designation of a Whitburn Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum

The prospective Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum's application was originally received on 27 September 2016, with updated membership and supporting equality and diversity information for their proposed Neighbourhood Forum received on 19 October 2016, and a refined Neighbourhood Area map received on 28 October 2016.  The application was considered to satisfy the legal requirements and as such the Council was legally required to publicise their application for a period of 6 weeks (which took place between 7 November - 20 December 2016), before deciding upon potential designation - a decision on formal designation was required to be made within 13 weeks of the start of consultation (ie. by 8 February 2017).

Covering Letter19.05KB

Whitburn Neighbourhood Area Application Statement89.23KB

Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum Application Statement73.44KB

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