Safeguarding adults - training

South Tyneside Children and Adults training programme:

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Training Programme 2017-18735.44KB

Safeguarding Adults and Children joint e-learning courses:

Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children Joint E-Learning Courses1.09MB

This training is targeted to those members of staff and volunteers who work with adults and families across South Tyneside. In the pursuit of promoting the "Think Family‟ approach the programme is open to all staff and volunteers working with adults and children. The focus of the training is multi/inter-agency training and priority will be given to staff who are based in South Tyneside.

The training aims to increase awareness of the protection of adults at risk incorporating the prevention framework. It also aims to improve standards and service delivery so that a seamless process is achieved.

How to apply for training

Face-to-face training:

South Tyneside Children and Adults Multi-Agency Training application form40KB

E-learning courses:

Apply for e-learning courses online

Charging policy

Charging policy243.64KB


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