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Textiles recycling

What is a textile?

Any material which is manufactured from fibres/yarns such as:

  • cushions
  • curtains
  • blankets and bedding
  • sheets
  • carpets
  • mats
  • unwanted clothes
  • shoes

Do not put textiles in your blue recycling bin

Please do NOT put any textiles in your blue recycling bin.

These items cannot be collected in our recycling collection. Our recycling contractor will not accept these items and the items will end up going to landfill at a cost to the Council of £120 per tonne.

For a full list of what can go in your blue bin, see What to put in your blue recycling bin

What can I do with my textiles?

  • You can recycle clothes and shoes at the Recycling Village or at Recycling sites across South Tyneside.
  • Most charity shops will be happy to take unwanted clothing that is in good condition. This clothing can then be sold to raise money for the charity's work or it may be used in humanitarian efforts.
  • Some charities organise door-to-door collections of unwanted clothing and will deliver a bag through your letterbox a few days before they visit your street/road.

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