Nominated Neighbour Scheme

Despite vast underreporting of doorstep crime, latest research shows there could be as many as 170,000 incidents of doorstep crime each year.

Doorstep criminals exploit vulnerable citizens by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or threatening residents who do not comply.

The 'Good neighbours stop rogue traders' campaign focuses on preventing doorstep crime by encouraging neighbours, family, friends and carers to look out for those most at risk in their communities.

You can encourage local action in your neighbourhood by:

  • Organising an informal tea and chat with community members and local organisations to discuss doorstep crime and share informational materials, which can be found on the Trading Standards website
  • Encourage neighbours to volunteer for the Nominated Neighbour scheme if there is not already one in your area - A Nominated Neighbour is a person who agrees to speak to cold-callers on behalf of elderly, or otherwise vulnerable, residents. When a cold-caller comes to the resident's door they will be shown a card telling them to speak to the Nominated Neighbour, who will then decide if they are someone the resident really needs to speak to. The Nominated Neighbour will return with them. Speak to Trading Standards about being a Nominated Neighbour on 0808 2231133.

For more information see the Trading Standards website and search for 'Nominated Neighbour'.