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Greenfields School Is 'Good And Effective'

Greenfields School in Hebburn provides 'good and effective' special education for its pupils. That is the main outcome of the school's OFSTED inspection which took place last December.

Greenfields School in Victoria Road East, Hebburn, has 43 pupils OFSTED inspectors say that "the quality of teaching and learning in classes is good and is enhanced by the contribution of learning support assistants."

Inspectors also comment favourably on the way the local community makes "a very good contribution to the overall good quality in range of learning experience and good extra curricular visits provided for the pupils."

The school has good systems for promoting pupils' very good behaviour, positive attitudes and enthusiasm. OFSTED says that good quality relationships in the school help to develop team spirit and a "very good commitment to continual improvement."

Pupils make good progress since the positive introduction of the National Literacy Strategy. The inspection made particular reference to the good provision for post 16 students and the well-planned opportunities at Greenfields to develop their independence, skills and prepare them for life after school.

To help the school sustain progress the inspection report identifies four areas for further development including greater involvement of the governors and refining the School Improvement Plan, provision of disabled bathroom facilities for older pupils and encouraging more involvement with parents.

Head Teacher, Margaret Conway, said: "Since each of the areas for progress have been identified through our own School Self Review process we are quite happy. Particularly pleasing is the recognition of the value of the curricular visits planned into each of the units of work taught and that our Post 16 students are a strength of the school. Their attitudes and achievements reflect their progress during the time they are with us."

Chair of Governors, Mrs Joyce Phipps, said: "The positive nature of this report is due to the strong commitment of staff and governors to improving our provision within Greenfields School. I was pleased that the inspection team recognised the achievements of the school."

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