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We've Been Famed!

An inspirational video showing the transformation of South Tyneside has won a prestigious award from the Royal Television Society.

Described by the judges as "inspiring and aspiring", the short film tells the story of South Tyneside's past, present and future. The commentary - as if spoken by the Venerable Bede - charts the area's great history from the Romans through the two world wars and looks at how it can be transformed once again.

To win the accolade the locally produced video beat 15 other entries in the Best Non-Broadcast, Factual Production category of the Society's annual awards. The judges found it difficult to compare entries and agreed that the most important criteria was "how well an entry achieved its aims in getting a message across.

They said the SOUTH TYNESIDE TRANSFORMATION PLAN, made by Dene Films was "glossy and tremendously filmic" and it employed "numerous visual techniques to grab and hold the viewers' attention."

Actor John Woodvine's commentary was "clear and strong," and the contributors were "appealing and full of character." The video was "not only inspiring and aspiring", but it "turned the ordinary into the extraordinary."

Irene Lucas, Chief Executive of South Tyneside Council says she is delighted that the video has received such a coveted award from a nationally recognised institution.

She says: "The video was commissioned by the Local Strategic Partnership to depict the past and present of South Tyneside and to demonstrate its potential in the future. Dene Films are a local firm who listened carefully to the brief and produced an incredibly moving and thought provoking video - I am absolutely delighted that their creativity has been rewarded."

The video was first screened at the launch of the Transformational Plan in June when business, community leaders and residents of South Tyneside pledged their support to the council's campaign "Moving Towards A Better Future."

Councillor John Temple, Deputy Leader of the Council adds: "The Venerable Bede is the star of this excellent short film. He was widely acknowledged as medieval Europe's greatest scholar and was a true transformer in his time - so it seemed only fitting that he should play a role in South Tyneside's exciting and visionary Transformation Plan."

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