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59 Candidates Contest 20 Seats In May Elections

List ofSouth Tyneside Council Election Candidates 1 May 2003

A total of 59 candidates, representing the main political parties, independents and other non-political groupings, will be contesting the 20 seats in the South Tyneside Council elections on THURSDAY MAY 1ST.

When nominations closed at 12 noon today (March 25th) there were 20 Labour Party candidates, 14 Conservative Party, 12 Liberal/Democrat, 6 Independents, 5 Progressives, 1 British National Party and 1 other (no party or grouping).

There will be contests in all 20 wards with one-third of the current Council seats up for election. Labour are contesting all wards with 13 retiring members seeking re-election, including the Leader of the Council, Councillor Paul Waggott.

Conservatives, who currently hold no seats are fielding 14 candidates, five in the South Shields constituency wards and nine in the Jarrow constituency wards.

There are 12 Liberal/Democrat candidates, six in the South Shields wards and five in the Jarrow constituency. They are defending seats in Cleadon and East Boldon and Hebburn Quay.

Independents, who are not currently represented on the Council, are challenging in six wards, divided evenly in South Shields and Jarrow and Hebburn.

The Progressives have five candidates including sitting Councillor Jim Capstick who is seeking re-election in the West Park Ward in South Shields.

The British National Party candidate is standing in a four-way contest in the Beacon & Bents Ward in South Shields. There is one other candidate of no party or description standing in Bede Ward in Jarrow.

Four sitting Labour Members are not seeking re-election, Councillor John Turner (Rekendyke), Councillor George Cuthbert (Westoe), Councillor Tom Pigott (Tyne Dock & Simonside) and Councillor Joe Oxley (Boldon Colliery).

Two sitting Liberal/Democrat members Councillor Catherine Tolson (Hebburn Quay) and Councillor David Oliver (Cleadon & West Boldon) are also standing down.

The majority (11) of the contests are three-way, with four four-way contests and five two way contests.

The present composition of the Council is Labour 51, Liberal/Democrat 6 and Progressive 3.

Polling Day is THURSDAY MAY 1ST. For the first time in local elections people can vote by post, by phone, text message or Internet or by placing their postal vote in a ballot box.

The close of poll for text message voting is 5.00pm on TUESDAY April 29th. The close of poll for postal votes and other electronic voting is 5.00 pm on THURSDAY 1st May.

There will be no polling stations. Postal voting packs will be delivered to all voters from Monday April 14th. Full descriptions of how to use the postal voting systems and the electronic voting systems will be explained in detailed leaflets.

The all postal ballot last year was a major success and resulted in a doubling of the turnout to 55.35 per cent.

A full list of candidates is attached. (see below)

South Tyneside Council Election Candidates 1 May 2003

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