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Further Warning About Dangerous Chilli Powder

The Food Standards Agency has issued its third food hazard warning on products containing the chemical dye Sudan I.

Sudan I is a red dye used for colouring solvents, oils, waxes, petrol and shoe polishes. Under the Colours in Food regulations 1995, Sudan I is NOT to be used in foods at any level because it could cause cancer.

Andrew Wainwright, Environmental Heath Manager, said: "Since July, the Agency has been investigating which food products in the UK could have been affected by contaminated chilli powder. It is understood that three chilli suppliers in India had been adulterating their chilli powder with the red dye Sudan I, which is why so many products in this country are now contaminated."

He added: "Although most of the recent products to have been found to be contaminated have been sold or supplied by wholesalers in the London, Manchester or Birmingham areas, it is possible that members of the public could already have purchased a product that contains Sudan I. We would advise people to check the list of products and if any of these are found, throw them away or return them to where they bought them."

The latest products that which known to have been contaminated with the dye are:
· Johnson & Jamaica Shads Fish and Meat Seasoning and Mr Browns Original Jamaican Style Fish and Meat Curry Seasoning.
· TRS Wholesale Co. Tandoori Masala Barbecue Ground Spices and TRS Wholesale Co. Tandoori Masala Barbecue Spices.
· Wing Yip MT Curry Powder (Double Leaf Brand).

Environmental Health Officers from the Neighbourhood Services Directorate at South Tyneside Council will also be vigilant during their routine visits to local stores and caterers to check their stock and confiscate any that contains Sudan I.

Anyone who has purchased a contaminated product should contact South Tyneside Council's Environmental Health team on 424 7918.

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