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Bogus Clamping Letter

South Tyneside Council is today (Thursday 18th April) urging anyone who has recently received a letter about residential parking and wheel clamping to totally disregard it.

The bogus letter dated 18 June 2001 is currently circulating in the Lawe Top area of South Shields. It says the area is restricted to residential parking only and spot checks will be carried out. Any persons who do not comply will be wheel clamped and must pay a £45 fee for removal.

A spokesman for the Council says: "This is a bogus letter and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Council. This is no doubt intended to be some kind of joke, but it is not funny and it is causing great concern among some residents and visitors to the area who have had the paper put on their car windscreens. The hoaxers have scanned in the Council letterhead and crest, but they have typed Newcastle address and given the telephone number and fax of a local Building Society.

The Council is currently carrying out an investigation to try to identify the source of this letter. In the meantime our advice is simple - if you find this bogus letter on your windscreen, crumple it up and throw it in the nearest bin."


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