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Food Glorious Food

South Tyneside Council celebrated National School Meals this week by serving up a mouth watering National School Meals Day menu on Wednesday.

The menu included roast turkey complete with trimmings, vegetable lasagne and Turkey "2002's". For afters, an assortment of mouth-watering deserts was on offer including rippled cookies, carrot cake with lemon topping and chocolate-coated flapjacks.

The menu was served in every school throughout the Borough with many schools really entered into the spirit of the event. At Hedworthfield Primary School, the pupils were served up an extra special treat when their kitchen staff dressed as St Trinians' schoolgirls.

National School Meals Week is a significant opportunity for all those concerned with children's diet to show that a healthier lifestyle combining a balanced diet with physical activity can be both fun and rewarding.

During last years' National School Meals Week, schools in the UK reported a 20% increase in school meals uptake and, after the Week, school meal numbers were up on average by 5%.


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