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Peoples Network - Background Notes and Info

South Tyneside's Council's new Community Website and the peoplesnetwork launch at South Shields Central Library

MONDAY APRIL 29TH 9.30am - 4.00pm


What computer facilities are available at the library?
Word processing, spreadsheets, Front Page, databases, Publisher, scanning, printing and Internet access.

Which libraries will have these facilities
All of South Tyneside's Libraries will have full ICT facilities by Christmas 2002.

How much does it cost to use the computers in the library?
Access is free, but there is a charge for printing, please check for current charges.

How many computers will be available?
There will be a total of 58 computers throughout all the libraries including 22 in the new Learning Centre.

Is computer training available at the library?
Staff can provide basic help to get you started and can also supply details of local courses.

I use a wheelchair, will I be able to use the computers?
Yes, there is suitable desk in every Library, which is pre-bookable.

I have difficulty reading small print, will I be able to use the computer?
Yes, screen magnification and text-talk software will be available, please ask staff for details (Available soon).

Will the information from the Internet be suitable for my child?
We do use filtering software on every computer which prevents access to many unsavoury sites, however this does not mean we can guarantee that all offensive material will be filtered.
Please see our guidelines on using the Internet safely for children and young people.

Can I send e-mail?
Yes, you can use a web based e-mail provider such as Hotmail, Lycos or Yahoo. Please refer to the relevant user guide.

Is sound available on the computer?
Each computer will have a set of headphones.

Throughout the day there will be...

  • Demonstrations of the new community website.
  • A Books Versus Internet quiz, everyone can take part (prizes to be won).
  • Refreshments.
  • Advice on lifelong learning opportunities in the area.
  • Internet taster sessions.

Enter our grand draw competition 1st prize of will be 20 FREE rentals from the Sight and Sound library, including, video, DVD, CD's CD ROMs, cassette etc...There are runner up prizes too!

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