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Improving Standards At New School

On the starting blocks.

Government inspectors have praised a new South Shields Primary School for its achievements, leadership and the high level of care towards its pupils.

The team of six OFSTED inspectors visited All Saints CE Primary School for the first time in March. They found it to be "an improving school which has achieved a great deal in a very short time." It is also described as "effective" and "good leadership and effective management have successfully amalgamated three very different schools into a new school."

There are 221 pupils aged from three to 11 and the school is part of a Health and Education Action Zone and offers breakfast and homework clubs. It also runs classes for family literacy and numeracy and other programmes to involve parents in their children's learning.

Highlighting what the school does well the report says: "Pupils' achievement is excellent in some subjects; there is good provision for children with special educational needs; pupils have good attitudes and enjoy being at school; the leadership is good and the school takes good care of its pupils."

The school was also praised for the spiritual and moral development of the children and there was a very high quality of collective worship.

Although recognising that some of the teaching is described as "inconsistent" teachers are commended for their considerable strengths, good humour and "sheer hard work" to keep pupils interested and busy. Pupils with special educational needs and those learning English as an additional language are taught well. "There are considerable strengths in the teaching as well as areas for further development such as the provision for the youngest children. The good management of pupils is a consistently strong feature throughout the school."

The report adds that the school sets itself high targets and the pupils are keen to do well they are very proud of their school and want to do well. Relationships are seen as a key strength and are especially strong between pupils and all staff. "Every child is known and understood and pupils show great respect for each others' feelings and opinions."

Head Teacher Marilyn Dixon is praised for her good leadership and management. The Inspectors say she has "a clear idea of what needs to be done to raise standards and has undertaken a systematic approach to develop the skills of co-ordinators of different subjects."

The Governors fulfil their responsibilities well and are very supportive. They also have a good understanding of the school's strengths and weaknesses. "Both staff and governors play a positive part in planning for improvements, action taken so far have been effective."

Parents told the inspection team that their children like school; the teaching is good; their children make good progress; the school is well led and well managed; children are helped to become more mature and responsible and the parents feel comfortable about approaching the school with any problems or concerns.

Head Teacher, Miss Dixon said: "The strategies we put in place for developing the school have gone well. The staff have worked very hard and I'm very pleased with our success so far. Coming so early in our development has given us a good tool to work with and this coupled with our new sports development will carry All Saints forward."

Chair of Governors Fr. John Miller added: "I am delighted with the recognition in the OFSTED report of this splendid progress made by the school in the early days of the amalgamation. We look forward to the future development of the school with great confidence."


If you require a photograph please contact the Head Teacher Miss Marilyn Dixon at the school Tel: 456 2413.


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