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Parents Urged Have Their Say On New School Terms

Parents are being urged to give their views on national proposals to switch from the traditional school year to a new six-term year.

South Tyneside Local Education Authority has held public meetings and received comments from teachers and governors. However parents' views are not well known and Amanda Bradley, the Council's Head of Access and Inclusion wants them to get in touch.

She says: "The Local Government Association (LGA) has been looking into possible changes and has recommended to local education authorities serious consideration should be given to adopting a new style six term year for the school year 2003, just over a year away. I hope as many parents as possible will write in with their views by May 13th."

The key recommendations for the proposed six term year includes:

  • Six terms in a school year, with two terms before Christmas and no term of more than 38 days (seven-and-a-half- weeks).
  • A two-week break in October to reduce teacher stress.
  • A Christmas break of never less than two weeks.
  • The four terms after Christmas limited to a maximum of six weeks.
  • A summer break which is always more than five weeks.
  • Five "flexible" days that can be used for holidays or term days according to regional needs or faith requirements such as Ramadan or the Chinese New Year.

Views should be sent in writing to

Les Rodgers, Schools Services Manager,
Lifelong Learning and Leisure Department
Town Hall
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE33 2RL


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