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Whitburn Windmill Restoration

Restoration work has now started on one of South Tyneside's most familiar landmarks, Whitburn Windmill.

Four new wooden sails are to be set in place during the next fortnight to replace the old ones which were badly damaged by a gale in Spring last year.

Workman have erected a temporary fence and roadway to allow a large crane to be brought onto the site to hoist the sails.

The windmill dates back to the 1790s and was built using stone from the local magnesian limestone quarries. It had fallen into disuse by the late 1870s but was used during the second World War when an Observatory Post was built beside it to give warning of approaching enemy aircraft.

Major restoration work was carried out by South Tyneside Council in the early 1990s and this reconstruction won a Civic Award in 1994. The Windmill has been opened by the Council in recent years during National Heritage Open Weekends.


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