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Commission Looks At Architecture and Young People


As part of the Comedia Consultancy work on a Transformational Plan for South Tyneside, two further Commissions are carrying out work this week.

The Commissions are aimed to focus attention and intensify debate around issues which Comedia consider are of immense importance to the borough but, for one reason or another, have languished. The Commission on Re-imagining the Riverside and on Retail have already reported.

This week's Commission on Designing Places and Spaces for People runs until 24th May and involves the celebrated architect's practice Will Alsop (designer of the Peckham Library - best building of the year in 2000) and his team.

They will visit locations in the borough and present outline drawings for new buildings, landscapes and streetscapes to a group of developers, architects, and local authority officials on the 24th May.

A nationally-based champion for architecture, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, has offered to provide long-term support to the borough to enable initial ideas to be brought to fruition.

The second Commission running this week is Young South Tyneside. A number of youth groups of varying age ranges have been asked to look at questions such as:

What do young South Tynesiders think about the opportunities available to them, the way they are regarded by authority and local media, and the political and decision-making process?

Through video, visual art and drama the young people will tell their story of South Tyneside. The projects will be presented at the Customs House at 2.30pm on Friday 24th May.

The Comedia consultants have been commissioned by the South Tyneside Local Strategic Partnership to help the borough define a new vision and direction for change.

So far the Comedia findings and ideas have produced mixed reactions. Their work has provoked lively debate and challenged the borough to make the most of all its assets and aspire to a better future.

Over the past two months the Transformation Commissions of local and visiting experts have been examining key areas of concern including the regeneration of the riverside, the future of retailing, young people, business and industry.

Comedia will use all their research and findings to produce a Transformational Plan for South Tyneside to be launched next month (June 28th). The Local Strategic Partnership will then decide what to with their proposals.


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