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Free Dog Neutering Offer

The National Canine Defence League (NCDL) has teamed up with South Tyneside Council to offer people on benefits the opportunity to have their dog or bitch neutered for Free.

To qualify for a voucher residents must be in receipt of benefits including Council Tax Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Working Families Tax Credit, Income Support, Disabled Persons Allowance, or Housing Benefit.

Vouchers will be issued for a limited period only from the Community Services Department in the Central Library, South Shields. The first 140 applicants will be guaranteed a voucher to be used by participating vets.

To take advantage of this offer contact the Community Services department, Central Library Building, Prince Georg Square, South Shields, Tel. 424 7907 or the NCDL Tel. 01325 335055.

Details of participating vets are available from the NCDL hotline on 0845 606 3036.

A Council spokesman says: "Puppies are cute but they take a lot of time and money to care for properly, and often well-meaning owners can no longer cope and the pups are abandoned which creates a large stray population. Neutering, not only prevents unwanted puppies, but it also has health benefits for dogs. It can protect them against certain types of cancers, remove the urge to roam and stops phantom pregnancies.


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