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Catching The Compost Bug

Environmentally friendly South Tyneside folk have swamped a special company order line to buy competitively priced high quality home compost bins.

Demand for the green plastic compost bins has been so high in the past week that the company, Straight Recycling, has asked residents to bear with them and expect an extended delivery date of up to five weeks.

The Council joined forces with Straight Recycling to offer the 100% recycled plastic bins, similar to those sold in local shops and garden centres, to all local residents.

Council Recycling Officer Andy Whittaker says: "There has been a tremendous response to the offer - it just goes to show how keen South Tyneside people are on recycling. I have had a lot of calls from residents saying how impressed they are by the quality and price of the compost bins. The company has said that due to unprecedented demand the delivery time has been extended by a week, but that still leaves plenty of time to compost those summer clippings and plants."

To order your bin contact Straight Recycling by phone on 0845 130 6090 (calls charged at local rate) or visit the GET COMPOSTING website .


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