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One-Star Rating Shows Progress In Social Services

South Tyneside Council's Social Services have a promising future according to the new national performance ratings published by the Department of Health.

All Council social services throughout the country have been given a star rating. Along with the majority (60 per cent) of Departments, South Tyneside has been given one-star out of three.

South Tyneside has been given one star out of three but has been given the all important judgement that the radical changes that have been made in the way Social Services is managed and delivered mean that prospects are promising for future continuing improvement.

Trevor Doughty, Executive Director for Social Care and Health said: "This seal of approval from the Government recognises that things are improving rapidly and this is in sharp contrast to a year ago when the Department's future was judged to be uncertain."

"It is very encouraging that the hard work everybody in the department has been putting in has been recognised by the Department of Health. It clearly demonstrates that they have confidence in what we are doing."

He added: "Our aim is to continue with the development and improvement work to make Social Services in South Tyneside one of the best in the country. The one-star rating with promising prospects confirming that we are now seeing real progress."


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