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Football Manager Course Vacancies

There are still a couple of places left for any volunteer on South Tyneside wanting to take part in the FA Junior Team Manager's Course.

The course will run over four evenings at Clegwell Community Centre, Hebburn from Monday 10th June through to Thursday 13th June. Each session starts at 6pm and lasts approximately three hours.

The minimum age for enrolment is 16. The course is suitable for volunteer coaches/managers of junior football teams, mini soccer organisers, youth leaders etc. It is a mixture of theory and practical techniques and includes child protection and first aid.

This will be the last opportunity for individuals to participate in the course in its existing 12-hour format. The next course, currently being organised, will increase to 20 hours.

Anybody wishing to enrol can contact: Volunteers in Education on: 427 4525 or Clegwell Community Centre on 489 7575.


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