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Where our funding comes from

We plan to spend £218.0m in 2019/20 to provide services for South Tyneside's  residents, including £94.0m on education.

Most of our money comes from Government (around 72%) either through our revenue support grant, dedicated schools grant (funding for education), or from business rates. The remaining 28% of our money comes from the council taxpayers. We expect to receive council tax income of £60.5m in 2019/20.

Where we expect our money to come from in 2019-20

Revenue funding £218.0m

  • Council Tax 27.8%
  • Revenue Support Grant 6.7%
  • Business rates 22.1%
  • Dedicated Schools Grant 43.0%
  • Contribution from Collection Fund 0.4%
  • Parking revenues <1%

Business Rates

The amount that local businesses pay is calculated by applying a multiplier set by the Government to the rateable value of the property.

The Government introduced a new system of accounting for Business Rates from 2013/14 in that the Council is now allowed to retain a proportion of Business Rates collected with Government Grant being reduced accordingly.

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